College Education?? Oh, Ye$…Ye$ Indeed!

April 6, 2011

Earning a college degree takes several years of personal and financial commitment. Time is invested in studying for exams, completing assignments and earning credits while characteristics such as time management, decision-making, prioritization, and accountability are sharpened.

The personal and financial investment and demonstration of personal growth confirms to potential employers that an individual is dedicated to their career. With the job market saturated with competent, qualified individuals seeking work, employers have the luxury of being extremely discriminate with requiring certain skills sets and educational achievements. The college degree has now become an expected requirement of employability for most professional-level jobs.

Undergraduate degrees require a core curriculum of general classes that all students regardless of major must complete. Courses in math, English, and history develop skills in reasoning, tolerance, reflection, communication, speech and writing—all essential skills in any job position.

This type of instruction yields a broad understanding of the world, and provides a foundation of important concepts and principles outside the chosen field of study. The result is a more well-rounded, versatile and employable individual.

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