Inve$ting in Tomorrow, Today!

July 13, 2011

We are in an economic environment where few people are taking the time to look at long term goals because they are so concerned with their short-term security.

I cannot help but ask why so many people are willing to stay “stuck” where they are when according to a recent Harris Interactive survey ( the majority of them (55%) are not satisfied with their current employment situation (33% believe they are at a dead end in their career and 21% are eager to change careers)?

WAKE UP AMERICA…Even though the future seems uncertain, there is no need to resign yourself to staying in your current reality!!

In fact, those who dare to pursue their dreams of a better tomorrow for themselves and their families will most likely be the ones who will continue their climb up the ladder of opportunity as the recession comes to an end – pursuing new challenges and finding satisfaction in the workplace… The others, who choose to remain securely tethered in their current situation, may wake-up on the other side of this recession realizing that they are woefully ill-prepared to meet the demands of the employers of tomorrow.

Getting up, out, and through this recession to a better tomorrow for you and your family will require long-term goals and investments in tomorrow’s opportunities. Now is the time to invest in training and education that can provide you with the new skills, aptitudes, and ways of thinking that are needed to propel you up and out of today.

Pursuing learning and education today can open doors to a new tomorrow, fostering 11 of the top 15 skills employers reported as very important — skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, self-direction, written and oral communication — you become much more employable through advanced learning (!

Bluffton University has offered accelerated degree programming at Edison Community College in Piqua, Ohio for nearly ten years and we’ve helped hundreds of area professionals change their professional realities. If you are stuck, perhaps we can help you too!!

We have several degree options designed specifically for working adults – bachelor’s and post-baccalaureate degrees and master’s degrees

• At Bluffton, we believe that learning takes place in community and that a significant amount of education occurs through the immediate response and feedback from instructors and classmates that simply cannot be replicated in an on-line program.

• At Bluffton, we believe that your effectiveness in the workplace will be improved through collective exploration of issues relevant to collaboration and improvement in organizational activity in today’s global economy.

• At Bluffton, we believe that you can increase your value to any organization by engaging in thoughtful consideration and discussion of a broad range of societal topics through the diverse perspectives provided by classmates from other backgrounds, industries, and organizations.

• At Bluffton, we believe your time is valuable – so we ask you to attend class just one night a week leaving you a full 6 ½ days to balance work, family, church and civic projects, and homework.

• At Bluffton, we believe in values-driven education so our curriculum challenges students to make positive changes in their work life and personal life that will effect change in the lives of others!

Don’t let uncertainty about tomorrow put your long-term goals on hold…NOW is the time to make your move!


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