It’$ All About Choice$

March 10, 2011

Even if you absolutely love your job, there are (no doubt) challenges that arise as you interact with the personalities and structures that comprise your organization.

How is it that despite (or in spite of) those challenges some folks are able to maintain a positive attitude while others’ spiral out of control?

I attribute it to one simple act…Choice. Challenges will arise, it’s up to us to choose how to respond.

I realize, however, most folks need (or prefer) information in a non-abridged version. For those folks, I offer some common sense insight from a recent article by Kelly & Marshall Goldsmith:

“You have the power to create significant positive change. And, there are only two things that you can change: you can change You or you can change It.

Changing You means to change everything about you that is under your control.

Changing It refers to changing any of the influencing forces in your life that are not you. For instance, another individual, group of people, job, place, relationship, or even the results of a choice that you made in the past that needs undoing. It is basically everything that isn’t you.

The choice of whether to change it or you is up to you, and it can be difficult to determine which is the best route to take. A lot of times we make the wrong choice and try to change It when we should be changing something about ourselves, and vice versa.”

So what do you need to do to maintain a positive attitude in the workplace?

1. Alter your attitude toward the company. Try to find new and better ways of interacting with coworkers. Mentally readjust and try to make peace with It. That’s changing You.

2. Positively and proactively change your work environment. Be respectful to decision makers, and also challenge up on important issues. Make a positive difference in work environments. Respect final decisions that cannot be changed, and realize that you can impact decisions that are in progress that can be changed.

This advice is actually applicable to any social situation…family, school, and church & civic organizations!

You can be a positive person – it really is YOUR choice!

Adapted from: ‘What To Do When You Hate Your Job’ By Kelly Goldsmith and Marshall Goldsmith | February 25, 2011 for full article visit:


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